Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pembekal Ayam Daging

Kami adalah syarikat pembekal ayam daging siap diproses dengan harga yang paling rendah di pasaran. Syarikat kami sedia menerima tempahan untuk semua jenis majlis, restoran, warung dan juga pemborong.

Hubungi saya untuk mendapatkan harga yang terbaik untuk kuantiti yang banyak. Menyediakan khidmat penghantaran untuk pesanan yang banyak.

Pasar Borong Selayang
Berminat sila hubungi

Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet.


  • 15 pieces of chicken breast or drumstick
  • 1kg of santan
Ingredient B:
  • 14g coriander (ketumbar)
  • 28g red onions
  • 28g white onions
  • 40g ginger all blended and fried
  • 12g lengkuas
  • 12g daun limau purut
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp turmeric (kunyit)
  • rice flour

1. Wash chicken until clean, then add five litres of boiling water and santan. Allow it to simmer for an hour.
2. Meanwhile, prepare Ingredients B, blend and fry it with oil.
3. While frying the blended ingredients, add in the lengkuas, limau purut and turmeric powder.
4. Add these marinade to the chicken and simmer for another hour so the traditional spices can seep into the meat.
5. Remove chicken from pot, allow to cool and coat with rice flour.
6. Fry until golden brown, then smash it so the bones and meat are separated from one another.
7. Serve it with sambal belacan and white rice.

Ayam Satay / Chicken Satay

Chicken satay is basically a chicken fillet stuck on a bamboo stick altogether making a kebab then grilled on charcoal flame, then prepared with a special sauce made from a combination of peanuts and a bit of sweet soy sauce.

chicken satay

Satay Ingridients :
  • 250 grams (8.8 ounces) of chicken fillet
  • 1 lemon lime
  • 5 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tsp fennel seeds
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
Satay Directions:
  1. Cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts into strips and place on skewers in a zig-zag fashion. (I suggest soaking the skewers first so they don’t catch fire.) Set aside.
  2. Prepare a marinade by dry roasting 1 tsp coriander seeds and 2 tsp fennel seeds. Grind the roasted seeds and place in a wok.
  3. To the wok, add 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 tsp turmeric, and a small amount of oil. Fry. Add crushed lemongrass pieces briefly. Turn off heat.
  4. Add to this mixture 2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tsp soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, and the juice of 1/2 a lime. Allow mixture to cool.
  5. Place marinade over chicken skewers in advance of cooking. When ready, grill skewers for 6-8 minutes.
Peanuts Sauce Ingridients
  • 3 shallots
  • 4 garlic
  • 100 grams of peanut (3.5 ounces), fried
  • 2 candle nuts
  • some salts
  • 150 cc stock water
  • 2 tablespoon of cooking oil  

Peanuts Sauce Directions:
  1. mix all shallots, garlics, peanuts, salt and candle nuts, grind them well.
  2. Heat the cooking oil until they smells good, put the stock water, and boil it until it coagulate, then put it away
  3. pour it on the satay when serve
  4. alternatively you could buy the sauce

Nasi Lemak Ayam (Coconut Rice Chicken)

Nasi Lemak Recipe (Coconut Rice with Anchovies Sambal)

Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) is a national heritage dish of Malaysia. The dish is usually prepared for breakfast, however, because of it popularity among Malaysian, it is now served and eaten at any time of the day.

Basic content in this dish include Nasi Lemak, Anchovies Sambal, Boiled Egg, Fried Anchovies, Fried Ground Peanuts and Cucumber. Because of the dish popularity, it is now being served in a variety of ways. It is now being served with extra dish such as Fried Chicken, Rendang, Squid Sambal and many more.

So here I present Nasi Lemak and Anchovies Sambal my style(the simplest way).


Coconut Rice
2 cups of Basmati rice.
200ml of coconut milk.
1 Pandan/Screwpine leave
A pinch of salt

Anchovies Sambal
6 tablespoons of blended dried chillies
2 Onions
A cup of tamarind juice
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of coconut milk



Nasi Lemak.
Rinse rice and drain. Then add 3 ½ cups water, coconut milk, pinch of salt and a pandan leave into a rice cooker and cook your rice.

Sambal Ikan Bilis(Anchovies Sambal)
Slice onions and boil them for 10 minutes. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry blended dried chillies until fragrant. Then add some dried anchovies and stir well. Then pour the boiled onions together with it juice and stir well. And finally, add tamarind juice, salt, and sugar. Adjust on low heat and wait until the Sambal thickens before served.

Fry anchovies until it turn brown. Do the same for ground nuts(probably for 5-10 minutes with just a little amount of oil). Boil eggs for 10 minutes. Slice cucumber as you like.

Nasi Ayam (Chicken Fried Rice)

Nasi Ayam is the Malaysian version of the famous "Hainanese Chicken Rice." The chicken for the Malay-style is roasted while the Chinese version is simmered in a chicken stock. Both are equally delicious and makes a hearty meal.

Ingredients for Chicken:

1 small fresh organic free-range chicken

3 shallots, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 small piece ginger, minced

1 Tbsp. dark soy sauce

2 tsp. light soy sauce

1 Tbsp. tomato paste or sauce

1 tsp. chilli powder or chilli sauce

1 tsp. salt

1 cucumber for garnishing

Ingredients for Rice:

2 cups rice, washed and drained

1 small piece ginger

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 Tbsp. butter

2 pandan leaves

2 Tbsp. fried shallots

pinch of salt

Ingredients for Chilli Sauce:

6 fresh red chillies

5 cloves garlic

1 piece ginger

¼ cup lime juice

1 tsp. sesame oil

salt and sugar to taste


1. Mix the ingredients for chicken in a bowl. Clean chicken and pat dry, prick with a fork to allow seasonings to penetrated. Marinate chicken with seasonings for 1/2 day or leave overnight in refrigerator.

2. Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Roast chicken for about an hour, remove and cut into serving pieces when cool.

3. Wash rice and put in rice cooker. Heat some butter in a pan and fry ginger and garlic till fragrant. Remove from heat and pour this mixture and pandan leaves to rice. Add sufficient water to cook according to the rice cooker.

4. Blend or pound finely all the ingredients for the chilli sauce. Season to taste with sugar and salt.

5. Serve rice with chicken, sliced cucumbers, chilli sauce and dark soy sauce. Garnish rice with some fried shallots.

Tips: Soak peeled shallots with a pinch of salt in water for about 5 minutes. Slice thinly and deep fry in hot oil till crisp and brown. Drain on paper towels.